Color Me in Winter

  Color me Courtney 

in Winter



Ella es pura inspiración! 
Me gusta todo de ella, 
sus LOOKS, su Sonrisa, sus post sobre Moda, 
sus viajes, lo organizadísima que es...

Se atreve con todo! hasta te enseña su apartamento 
y sus nuevos pijamas y cojines

No me extraña que cada día 
su Blog tenga más exito!!

Ella es Courtney y su BLOG me vuelve loca!!
En otra ocasión ya os hablé de ella. Ella es simpatiquísima! 
y en el trato es muy cercana y alegre.

Para este final de DICIEMBRE he elegido los LOOKS 
que me han gustado más 
para este Otoño-Invierno

Quereis ver nuestros favoritos de Verano de Courtney?
Color, faldas, muy Retro y siempre con una 
Sonrisa Maravillosa!

También podeis seguirla por INSTAGRAM

PODEIS TAMBIEN LEER nuestra entrevista 
para que la conozcais un poco mejor

Why did you start the blog?
Honestly, because I was bored, I was super busy in high school, I was president of like 4 clubs members of about 8 others, on student council, cheer captain and on the dance team plus I danced 40 hours a week competitively at a studio… so yeah, there was never a dull moment. Anyways, I went to college and although I was taking 21 credits on average, I was so crazy bored. I wasn't into joining a sororiety and kind of clubbed out so I just wanted to study super hard and be normal… but that got really boring really fast so I started shopping too much and watching gossip girl like crazy, then I started dressing like blair and eventually started blogging about it - obvi my blog has evolved a lot since then but that's where it started
What do your like best about it?
Aside from the worlds most amazing followers it has to be control and complete freedom - I am my own boss and can write about whatever I want, whenever I want it's kind of awesome
What's the worst part for you?
Being your own boss is hard work, especially when you have another full time job working for Coach its hard to say no to fun stuff because you have to spend your friday night or your weekend "working" after you already worked 50 hours that week…. but amazing followers like you make it all worth it!

!Espero que os guste tanto como a mi! 

Feliz Día

I Love Melita


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