febrero 08, 2010

I LOVE MELITA - Complementos Handmade

Bienvenidos a I LOVE MELITA

Handmade accessories
Complementos handmade 


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 ¿Que puedes encontrar en I Love Melita?

Accesorios con un toque Retro, 
Vintage, Naif o Boho...  

All handmade
Turbantes, Camisetas,
Collares, carteras, 
Sombreros, Gorros
Cinturones, Tocados, 
Coronas de flores

Welcome to I Love Melita

Naif and Retro accessories...

BeretsHats, Head bands, T-Shirts,
 beach complements,  Vintage Necklace, 
 vintage bags...

Special and Exclusive Head Band 
and head Dresses
for special events.......... 

We love every single one, 

but we do have our favourites!!!

Which is yours??


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